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Congratulations to our company for being recognized by the municipal enterprise research and development center.

    A few days ago, Wenzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, after reviewing and evaluating our research and development center, agreed to recognize our company's Fangyuan Automation Production and Testing Equipment Enterprise Research and Development Center as a municipal research and development center.  Our company fangyuan automation production and testing equipment enterprise research and development center was established in January 2008, November 23, 2010 by Wenzhou Ouhai district science and technology bureau identified as district-level enterprise research and development center.  Wenzhou Fangyuan Instrument Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in Wenzhou Airport New District with more than 100 employees.  The company has successfully developed, manufactured and sold nearly 300 kinds of quality inspection instruments in the past ten years, which are widely used in various industries such as fiber and down, spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, clothing, zippers and hardware, leather, shoe making, geosynthetic materials, automotive interiors, carpets, soft furniture, public transportation, building materials, wires and cables, packaging materials, etc.  It has formed research and development capabilities in mechanics, climate and environment, durability, microstructure analysis, protection, fire and other disciplines. It has successively won 24 national innovation funds, torch program, national key products, provincial and municipal scientific and technological projects, 14 patents (including 3 invention patents), ISO9001 system certification, CE safety certification, AATCC enterprise members, universal material testing machine measuring instrument manufacturing license and so on.  On July 30, 2010, it was approved by Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department as a national high-tech enterprise.

    It has been successively appraised as an advanced enterprise in scientific and technological innovation, a three-level enterprise in safety production standardization, a skilled master's workshop, Ouhai famous brand trademark, and a national outstanding contribution unit in textile measurement.

    Fangyuan Instrument Research and Development Team is composed of several professional industries engaged in research and development, manufacturing and maintenance of testing and testing equipment for many years. In 2015, the company had an annual average of 16 scientific and technical personnel, accounting for 16.33 % of the company's average number of employees in that year. The research and development center maintained a research and development team combining old, middle-aged and young people - making it rich in technology accumulation and continuous innovation power, and forming a technology development mode of experience plus innovation and innovation inseparable from experience.