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22 Apr 2019

Congratulations to our company for being recognized by the municipal enterprise research and development center.

A few days ago, Wenzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, after reviewing and evaluating our research and development center, agreed to recognize our company's Fangyuan Automation Production and Testing Equipment Enterprise Research and Development Center as a municipal research and development center. Our company fangyuan automation production and testing equipment enterprise research and development center was established in January 2008, November 23, 2010 by Wenzhou Ouhai district science and technology bureau identified as district-level enterprise research and development center.

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Dec 2022

Down leakage & Down proof tester

Why down leakage happens, and it makes down proof test important.


Dec 2022

Combustibles, Flammability & Fire Resistance Testers

Fire resistance testers determine the degree of flammability of the combustibles.


Dec 2022

Colour fastness & Colorfastness tester

Colorfastness is one of the most significant quality of apparels, and can be tested by multiple methods.


Dec 2022

Tensile tester is not only for tensile test

A tensile tester is not only for tensile strength, but also capable of universal materials and multifunctional for a series of mechanical strength tests.


Dec 2022

Xenon long-arc lamp & Light fastness tester

Xenon long-arc lamp is worldwide used for testing light fastness and age to sun exposure for textiles and industrial materials.