FFZ672 Glove cutting machine



To test the performance of materials and components in the design of protective clothing.  The amount of vertical ( normal ) force required by the blade to cut through the test sample by passing a fixed distance across the test sample.

STANDARDS:  EN ISO 13997, etc.

Instrument characteristics:

1. Electrostatic painting of the fuselage, beautiful and durable;

2, precision high-grade motor drive, stable operation, low noise;

3, High-precision ball screw control movement speed;

4. Imported high precision bearings have small friction and high precision.

5, Radial without oscillation, running without beating and vibration phenomenon;

6, Equipped with color touch screen, elegant, menu mode of operation, convenience comparable to smart phones;

7. The core control unit adopts Italian 32 - bit MCU, and the control display is stable and accurate.