FY743 Tumble Dryer


Tumble drying machine drys various types of textiles or garments for shrinkage test.






1, Powder-coated steel shell, stainless steel 304# interior, preservative treated, rubust and never rusts during it's service life.

2, Electronic controller of drying temperature, and automatic air-cooling before finish.

3, Safety stop device upon accidental door opening.

4, Arbitrary setting of drying time.

5, Running smooth and steady with lower noise.



1. Working volume and load capacity: 100L, 7kg (15kg/35kg for workwear availabe)

2. Rolling speed: 55rpm

3. Timing range: arbitrary setting, max to 120min

4. Maximum drying temperature: 60℃(low temp. mode), 80℃(usual mode)

5. Power: AC220V,50Hz,1850W

6. Dimensions: 600×650×850mm (L×W×H)

7. Mass: 33kg