FY3600G+ Xenon Arc Light Fastness Tester (water-cooling, high temperature)


Water-cooling Xenon arc chamber of high temperature tests light fastness of color, weather resistance and photo-aging on textiles, dyes, leathers, plastics, paints, vehicle interior parts, Geo-textiles, electrical and electronic products, colored building materials and other materials. By setting irradiance, temperature, humidity, rain and other conditions, it can test changing of material's property  such as color fading, aging, transmittance, stripping, hardening, softening, cracking and so on.



ISO 105-B02/B04/B06/B07、ISO 4892-2、AATCC TM16、AATCC TM169、ASTM G155、BS 1006-B02、GMW 3414、JASO M346、JIS L0843、M&S C9、PV 1303、SAEJ 1960、SAEJ 1885、



1, Suitable for high temperature, long term of light and climate aging test; Supporting rotation, alternating light and shade, rain and other test functions;

2, Large color touch screen display, easy menu mode of operation in English and Chinese. Preset test standards and programmable function meet the most of the standards.

 3, Omron PLC control can monitor irradiance, temperature, humidity online display dynamic curve diagram; Multi-point monitoring and protection to realize unmanned operation of the instrument;

4, 4500W water-cooling, long-arc xenon lamp illumination system, full artificial sunlight spectrum;

5, Automatic energy compensation technology, easy to achieve time as the end point of the test;

6, Optional bandpass of 340nm, 420nm, 300-400nm, 290-800nm  are able to be calibrated and controlled, and other bands can be monitored according to user's requirements, applicable for aging test of more materials;

7, Black-panel thermometer (BPT), black standard thermometer (BST) and the samples are detected at the same distance (isometric), truly reflecting the status of the detected samples. The measured data is displayed on the touch screen in numbers, charts, curves;

8, Every specimen rack is independently timing, equally placed parallel to the lamp tube. The front side of each specimen is subjected to the same lighting effect. No matter which position of the rack a specimen is loaded into , the same results can be measured, thus ensuring the consistency of the test results.

9, Double-loop redundancy design; Multi-point monitoring; Xenon lamp protection system, fault prompts, self-diagnosis and alarm functions, ensure long-term uninterrupted and smooth operation of the instrument;

10, Fine quality circulating water pump, Xenon arc lamps. low voltage components, such as buttons, relays, AC contactors are all well selected. 

11, The temperature and humidity control of the weather chamber adopts the new patented technology to keep the temperature and humidity more uniform and stable;

12, Cooling system: equipped with high grade circulating water pump, three-stage water circulates between xenon lamp and filter glass, and is cooled by heat exchange device;

13, The host has WIFI function, which can be used for real-time communication through mobile phones for remote monitor;



1. Xenon Lamp:

a. Power: 4500W;

b, Luminous efficiency: more than 80%; Normal operation: 1.8KW

c, Monitoring wavelength: 300 ~ 400nm: 42W/m2 ·nm;

340nm: 0.55W/m2 ·nm;

420nm: 1.1W/m2 ·nm;

d: Effective service life: ≥2000h;

2. Irradiance control range:

Monitoring wavelength 300 ~ 400nm (broad band) : 35 ~ 100±1W/m2 ·nm;

Monitoring wavelength 420nm (narrow band) : 0.800 ~ 2.500 ±0.02W/m2 ·nm;

Monitoring wavelength 340nm (narrow band) : 0.400 ~ 1.250 ±0.02W/m2 ·nm;

3. Illumination mode:

parallel rotation, light and dark alternating;

Light cycle, dark cycle and accuracy: 0 ~ 999 hours 59 minutes ±1s adjustable;

4. Spray method:

Spray on both front and back side of the specimens, or spray on either front or back separately.

Spray cycle and accuracy: 0 ~ 999 minutes 59 seconds ±1s adjustable;

5. Specimen clip:

Size: 210mm*45mm, specimen thickness: 8mm;

Effective exposure area: 180×45×8mm, 27pcs; or 180×70×8mm, 18pcs;

Respective timing range and accuracy: 0 ~ 999 hours 59 minutes ±1s;

Specimen rack drum diameter: 448mm; rotation speed: 1rpm;

6. Test chamber temperature control range and accuracy: room temperature +5℃ ~ 80℃±2℃;

Temperature range and accuracy: BPT: 40℃ ~ 120℃±2℃; BST: 40℃ ~ 125℃±1℃;

7. Humidity control range and accuracy: 15%RH ~ 90%RH±5%RH;11.

8. Power: AC380V, three-phase four-wire, 50Hz,9KW;

9. Dimensions of the host: 1200mm×900mm×1800mm (L×W×H);

The total area of the whole set is not less than: 2000mm×2000mm (L×W);

10. Mass: about 500kg;