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Xenon long-arc lamp & Light fastness tester

Xenon long-arc lamp, is one of three kinds of xenon lamps, the other two are short-arc and flash xenon lamp. Because the light emitted by long-arc xenon lamp is closer to the solar spectrum, with its wavelength mainly between 290NM and 800NM, so it is suitable for the simulation of solar light source in the experiment of photoaging and color fading. Advantages are no mercury, convective air cooling, no high pressure rupture risk, excellent color presentation. The appearance of long arc xenon lamps is characterized by long tubes and crisp blue-white light.

By the way, although carbon arc lamp is occasionally used in the light ageing test, due to its old technology, its effective results have a big deviation from the actual, and it has been gradually replaced by newer and better xenon arc lamp. At present, it is only used in a few Japanese product testing standards.

Xenon long-arc lamp light fastness tester, is divided into air cooling and water cooling according to the cooling way of the lamp. Water-cooling is divided into usual temperature and high temperature according to the test temperature.

The climate chamber equipped with xenon long-arc lamp can be used for testing the light fastness, weather resistance and photoaging of textiles, dyes, leather, plastics, paint, automotive interior decoration, geotextiles, electrical and electronic products, nonferrous building materials and other materials. By setting irradiance, temperature, humidity, rain and other conditions, can test color fading, aging, light transmission, peeling, hardening, softening, cracking and other performance changes.

FY3600G+ Xenon Arc Light Fastness Tester