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22 Apr 2019

Congratulations to our company for being recognized by the municipal enterprise research and development center.

A few days ago, Wenzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, after reviewing and evaluating our research and development center, agreed to recognize our company's Fangyuan Automation Production and Testing Equipment Enterprise Research and Development Center as a municipal research and development center. Our company fangyuan automation production and testing equipment enterprise research and development center was established in January 2008, November 23, 2010 by Wenzhou Ouhai district science and technology bureau identified as district-level enterprise research and development center.

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May 2019

To Build Wenzhou Fangyuan Instrument Co., Ltd.

Starting from October 2002, Li wenlin and Zhu kechuan, who have more than 20 years of experience in instrument research and development, led more than 30 senior people in the industry to form Wenzhou Fangyuan Instrument Co., Ltd. with the business philosophy of "operating in good faith, keeping faith with people, concentrating on technology and serving sincerely".


Oct 2016

China International Textile Machinery Exhibition 2016 and ITMA Asia Exhibition

Wenzhou Fangyuan Instrument Co., Ltd invites you to visit: China International Textile Machinery Exhibition 2016 and ITMA Asia Exhibition


Aug 2016

The Standard Brush Is Developed By Fangyuan

It is to be broad in outlook and to take in agreement, to accumulate wealth and to develop thinly. After decades of persistence, people in the countryside have been pioneering and innovating. Dare to try to promote the development of textile instrument industry from all aspects. The round track pilling tester standard brush project is one of nearly 100 innovative projects of Fangyuan Company.


Jun 2009

Successfully Developed FY800 Fabric Anti - electromagnetic Radiation Tester

Recently, the FY800 fabric anti-electromagnetic radiation tester developed by Fangyuan Company has been compared with the results in the electromagnetic laboratories of well-known universities in China. The data are in good consistency, which shows that FY800 has reached the advanced level in China.