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If you carry a round shoe, you'll be able to cross the boundary. if you don't follow the rules, you won't get anywhere.

The development history of Fangyuan for more than ten years is the history of Fangyuan's team as a human being and doing things. From the workshops of more than 30 people to the small and medium-sized enterprises in Wenzhou today, the start-up employees of the company have made strenuous efforts. Therefore, I would like to pay my high respect to them.

However, the company's management mode, which has always emphasized the rule of man over the rule of law, has been unable to meet the development requirements of the enterprise. For this reason, after more than one year's efforts since 2008, the company has initially established and implemented a modern enterprise management system based on the general manager responsibility system, which basically has laws to follow. At the same time, fangyuan enterprise culture has gradually been established.

Enterprise culture is one of the two magic weapons to maintain the operation of an enterprise. It emphasizes the way of thinking. It is the essence and soul of an enterprise. It is the moral view of an enterprise. It is not a system and cannot be enforced. It should be a common code of ethics that all employees of an enterprise should abide by and a value that all employees recognize. Corporate culture is about identity, which itself is generally recognized by all employees in the enterprise. Enterprise culture is not formed overnight, but needs to accumulate over time. Corporate culture is not static and needs to be developed. Our corporate culture must keep pace with the times.

One of the themes: corporate purpose - responsible to society, responsible to customers, responsible to employees, responsible to shareholders, responsible to society.

It is our social responsibility to assist various industries to improve their quality awareness and product quality level. To this end: we should learn the leading detection technology; Cultivate outstanding talents. Paying attention to more testing fields, allowing more industries to use testing instruments with higher cost performance and enjoying fast service are our social responsibilities.


Responsible to customers

It is our duty to be highly responsible to our customers, and making customers satisfied is our primary goal. Customer satisfaction is the starting point and destination of all our work.

Satisfying customers is the driving force of our work and the criterion of evaluating the quality of our work. Product quality is our confidence, service is our vitality, and all we do is to serve our customers. The customer's quality complaint is his love for the people of Fangyuan, and the customer's dissatisfaction is a disgrace to the people of Fangyuan. Customers need not only products but also their use value. The essence we provide is the expansion of the use value, and its essence is service. Fangyuan's lifetime service promise to provide products to customers. The interests of customers are the most fundamental interests of our survival and development.


Responsible to employees

Employees are the wealth of the company. Without the efforts of employees, no matter how grand and careful the plan is, it will eventually fail. Every employee is a treasure of the company. The core competitiveness of the company is that we have a group of professional and dedicated employees.

The company is not only the creator of profits, but also the cultivator of talents. Both the company and the employees have the responsibility to improve the personal ability of the employees. The improvement of personal ability is the result of the joint efforts of the company and the individuals, and is also the common expected goal. To this end, the company has always been committed to creating the necessary conditions, creating a good atmosphere, and promoting staff progress. Only when the company is responsible for its employees will the employees be responsible for their work, thus developing qualified products, providing considerate services and achieving the goal of being responsible to customers.


Responsible to shareholders

One of the goals of an enterprise is to create profits. It is our responsibility to seek benefits for all shareholders.

Investment necessarily requires return. We are responsible for the results of our operations to our shareholders, and no one is willing to invest in a loss-making and unpromising enterprise.


Topic 2: Business philosophy - honesty, dedication, initiative, communication, honesty

This book is divided into human beings and works steadfastly. Don't use lies, keep your promise. The company and its employees must do what they say and do what they do, no matter who they are to (whether customers or suppliers).

Dedicated: Only dedicated people can gain respect from others. Professionalism is an attitude towards life. Professionalism is a noble human being. Professional dedication is embodied in every link of our work, every day, every moment, every moment. Our dedication is the premise of others' dedication. Our industry has beyond the general professional requirements. Active work must take the initiative and put one's own work ahead of others. Only by taking the initiative can innovation be possible. The company provides every employee with equal development space and stage, and encourages employees to take the initiative to change and innovate.


Communication: Be diligent in communication and good at communication so as to improve efficiency and make common progress.