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Spinning Instrument Calibration Specification - Product Standard Drafting Unit

  • 2016.1 Won the "Outstanding Contribution Award" for Textile Metrology in the 12th Five - Year Plan issued by China Textile Industry Federation.
  • In January 2016, the company signed a contract with Longwan Airport New Area Management Committee for investment promotion projects, and the company settled in Wenzhou Airport New Area.
  • In 2016.5, undertake the review meeting of methodological standards organized by the Basic Standards Branch of the National Textile Standards Committee.
  • In August 2016, the National Textile Metrology Committee designated our company as the standard brush manufacturer of pilling tester based on round track method.
  • In March 2015, our company won the title of "2014 Small Upgraded Advanced Enterprise".
  • 2014.02 Advanced Enterprise Obtained Scientific and Technological Innovation.
  • In April 2014, entrusted by China Fiber Inspection Bureau, it will undertake the national fiber inspection and measurement work conference.
  • On June 2014, FFZ711 multifunctional environment-friendly foam finishing machine participated in the International Textile Machinery Exhibition.
  • In July 2014, a metering and transmission system for air permeability test based on mass flowmeter was established, which solved the traceability problem of air permeability test. Nearly 20 YG461E air permeability testers were sold in total.
  • On October 2014, our company was established as a standard nylon brush manufacturer by the National Textile Metrology Committee.
  • The national textile industry standard FZ/T980122014 Color Fastness Tester to Sunlight led by our company was formally implemented on November 2014.
  • Statistics from January 2013 show that the sales volume in 2012 exceeded 30 million yuan, and the strategic target of 10 times the sales volume in 10 years was achieved ahead of schedule.  Become an example of fast growth, complete variety and high technological innovation achievements in the same industry.
  • In September 2013, it successfully hosted the national peer review meeting on the industry standard of " color fastness to sunlight tester".
  • October 2013: Ouhai Famous Brand Enterprise.
  • In June 2012, after more than three years of research and development, design and process improvement, a series of new processes and technologies represented by FY3500, YG028, YG401F and SW24AII were successfully launched at the Shanghai International Textile Machinery Exhibition, which achieved sensational effects and started the prelude of replacing imports with domestic textile instruments.
  • July 2012 Obtained Manufacturing License for Measuring Instruments of Universal Material Testing Machine.
  • 2012.12 FY3000 Water Cooled Sun and Climate Aging Apparatus Won the Third Prize Award of National Science and Technology Progress Awarded by Textile Industry Federation.
  • On December 2012, authorized by the textile machinery industry, it began to organize the formulation of industry standards for color fastness to sunlight
  • In June 2011, "Multi - band Water - cooled Solar Climate Aging Instrument" won support from the National Science and Technology Innovation Fund
  • In June 2011, "FY 258B Sweat - wicking and Moisture Conductive (Thermal Resistance and Moisture Resistance) Tester" passed the acceptance of scientific and technological projects. In the same year, a number of new products such as "YG541E Fully Automatic Fabric Wrinkle Elastomer" and " FY1400 Automatic Textile Pilling Rating System" were approved for scientific and technological projects respectively.
  • February 2010: Reviewed by ISO9001 Quality Certification Management System
  • In March 2010, more than 20 kinds of flame retardant testing instruments were successfully developed and manufactured and applied in the field of fire science research.
  • 2010.05 FY 3000 + Series Water - cooled Solar Climate Aging Apparatus Obtained " National Torch Plan Project" Certificate.
  • Moved into the new factory building in June 2010 with a construction area of 10000 square meters.
  • In July 2010, it was recognized as a national "high - tech enterprise"
  • In January 2009, an ODM cooperation agreement was reached with Belgium's MTS company, opening a new era of international brand instruments and Chinese manufacturing.
  • 2009.09 FY258B Sweat - wicking and Moisture - conducting Tester (Thermal Resistance and Moisture Resistance) was listed as a science and technology project by Ouhai district and Wenzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureaus, and applied for two national patents.
  • April 2008 FY 3000 Water - cooled Solar Climate Aging Instrument Project Passed Zhejiang Provincial New Product Identification, Experts and Users Agree: To Fill in Domestic Gaps and Reach International Advanced Technology Level
  • In October 2008, we developed new standard dilatometer, full-range automatic air permeability meter by flow method, electromagnetic shielding performance meter, perspiration and moisture permeability meter and other new instruments, and obtained patents respectively in the later period.
  • FY 3000 Water - Cooled Sun and Climate Aging Apparatus Was Rated as a National Key New Product in November 2008
  • February 2007 passed ISO9001 quality certification management system and CE safety certification for main products
  • In December 2007, the company implemented the general manager responsibility system, laying the foundation for the enterprise to realize modern management.